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5 Major Turn Offs Of Women

Women If you’re a man wanting to put in all efforts into knowing the woman of your life, you don’t just have to know her past and plans. There are a lot of other things that turn women on and off when it comes to their men. If you’ve figured out what turns your woman on, it is equally important to know what might turn her off.

Now, these things have nothing to do with physical qualities. It’s more to do with gaining an understanding of women and how they function and think. So let’s look at the things that turn women off that men should stop doing.

1. Negative Talk

Negative talk WomenOne of the few things that women notice first in men is how they talk about themselves, their home, family, friends, work, etc. If you’re a negative talker, chances are, you’re turning your woman off. This kind of attitude makes the woman think that you’re never happy with your life or your career, let alone the people around you. Negative of any capacity is a turnoff. It’s a sign of unhappiness and insecurity and it doesn’t make for good company.

2. Distractions

DistractionThis one is another big turn off for women. When a guy is distracted while talking to her, unknowingly ignores her or even tunes out of the conversation, a woman is going to be uninterested real quick. If you’re on your phone a lot on your date with a woman, it’s going to turn her off big time.

A man being distracted makes a woman think she’s not important or good enough for you to pay attention to her. This won’t make her want to be around you a lot.

3. Rudeness

RudenessBeing rude to anyone is a big turn off for women. Whether it’s a waitress, a bartender, a stranger. She will take notes of how rude you were with someone when you both were together and it will very much make her lose interest in you.

A man trying to be funny at the cost of taking a dig at someone else is not going to make a woman laugh. Instead, she’s going to start to wonder how you will behave with her in the future and it doesn’t seem positive.

4. Selfish in Bed

Selfish in Bed

Are you a selfish lover in bed? It’s going to turn a woman off very quickly. You can’t have a woman in bed and take her for granted while you both are spending some intimate time together.

If you don’t compliment her or make her feel comfortable with you in bed, she’s going to start thinking she isn’t good for you. And women who don’t feel good enough for men wouldn’t like to spend such intimate time with them.

Also, don’t be too aggressive on the bed.

5. Lack of Chivalry

Lack of ChivalryIf a woman is going to have to drive to the date venue or pay the check for almost every dinner date, it’s not going to work the best for men. Chivalrous moves like holding the door for an elderly, pulling chairs at dates or opening car doors will always come to a woman’s notice and she is going to be attracted to you.

But if you’re a man who doesn’t know the etiquette, it’s going to be an instant turn off for a woman.

Author’s Corner

Whether you’ve been on two dates with a girl or have been with one for two years, be aware of your behaviour and her reaction to it. Her body language will tell you if what you’re doing is a turn-off, even if she doesn’t tell you directly.

In my mind, you should constantly be working to improve yourself, and that means being a better partner. Knowing (and avoiding) turn offs for girls can help you be more attractive and desirable to anyone you date.


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