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We all want to be happier at home, don’t we? But is there something missing? Something you can’t quite figure out, but it’s stopping you from saying “This is my forever home”.

We live stressful lives. With never-ending to-do lists. And when you come home after a long day, is your home the peaceful retreat you crave for?

In this guide, you’ll find expert decoration tips and science-backed habits to be happier at home. No myths or factoids. Only the good stuff.

9 ways to make you happier at home;-

1. Find the time (and space) for yourself

Find the time (and space) for yourself

You need time for yourself to relax when you feel overwhelmed and want to disconnect for a while in silence. But where do you go? You instinctively resort to your “me” place. This could be a reading nook by the window, a cozy sofa with a view, or a secluded corner in the garden (weather permitting). Spend some time there every day doing something you love.

2. Decorate with things that give you joy

Decorate with things that give you joy

There’s so much nice stuff out there. But we often forget to curate it and end up with fancy clutter. Think before you buy: “Do I like this or do I love it?”. Every item in your house not only has to have a purpose but also makes you happy. Yes, even the broom. Joy goes beyond aesthetics. It’s also present in stuff that works well and makes your life easier.

3. Make tidying up part of your daily routine

Make tidying up part of your daily routine

If you have to do only one thing every day, make your bed. People who do this daily have proven to be happier and more successful. A large-scale survey revealed that “Bed makers are also more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly, and feel well-rested”. And with the convenience of duvet sets, there is no excuse — it takes 10 seconds.

4. Design a relaxing bedroom to get better sleep

Design a relaxing bedroom to get better sleep

Treat your bedroom as its own universe with special rules and rituals. Incorporate natural fibers, change the bedsheets often, and make the most of blackout blinds/curtains to improve your sleep. When it comes to painting, avoid warm/red colors as they’re associated with attention and focus. And, most importantly, no tech allowed!

5. Harness the benefits of biophilic design

Harness the benefits of biophilic design

Biophilic design incorporates the proven well-being benefits of nature into indoor spaces. Every sense is stimulated to help you feel better and be happier at home. From the use of wooden and other natural surfaces to the importance of a view with greenery.

6. Let fresh air and sunshine into your home

Let fresh air and sunshine into your home

Indoor air can become polluted. Open the windows for 10-15 minutes every day to ventilate the house. Plus, a decent quality dehumidifier will help you purify the air. Don’t forget to keep your windows unobstructed. Daylight not only helps reduce stress and improves general well-being, but it’s proven to uplift your mood by increasing serotonin levels.

7. Decorate with mood-boosting plants

Decorate with mood-boosting plants

There’s no more literal way to introduce nature into your home than bringing plants in. The benefits are lower stress, improved mood, and better performance. Note indoor plants do not improve air quality — you’d need hundreds of them in a room to purify the air.

And if you’re not green-fingered, don’t despair. Contrary to popular belief, faux plants also carry some well-being benefits.

8. Let go of perfection and love your home

Let go of perfection and love your home

Ignore the pressure on social media to share perfect snapshots of your home. And don’t adopt trends you don’t love, despite their popularity. The truth is your house will never be exactly the way you envisage it. That idealized version of your house only exists in your mind. Accept that and embrace your house for what it is —simply be grateful.

9. Master the art of layering lighting

Master the art of layering lighting

Lighting has the power to transform a cold soulless space into a cozy and atmospheric room. Here’s a pro tip: illuminate every corner of a room with table lamps or floor lamps. Ceiling lights are often decorative. And avoid cold LED lights as they contain harsh blue light. Aim for warm white (dining and living areas) or natural white (kitchen and bathroom).

Love Your Home

We need each other to thrive because social connections are closely tied to personal happiness. You have relationships, friendships, and the community. The local community around your home, such as your neighbors, is key and can bring you many benefits. There’s an increased sense of security, belonging, and fulfillment.







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