Office Hacks To Make A Badass Impression

Office HacksWe all know how daunting surviving at office can get, especially if you’re a new joiner or don’t have known faces around to take comfort from. Things only get worse if you happen to be an introvert, or find it difficult opening up to strangers.

The bottom line is, we want our office mates to like us, and if we are cocky enough, we even want them to look forward to sharing our company.

So, what can you do to ensure this comes to pass? Try these 5 cunning tactics to make your office mates like you better:

1. Join The In-House ‘Haters United’

Finding a common interest is known to bring people together, but a study shows that finding a common enemy not only makes things more interesting, ut also gives you the perfect reason to foal together against the said enemy.

2. Be The Curious Cat

Don’t believe people when they say asking too many questions is irritating, because it’s not. It’s rather one of the best ways of building a rapport with your coworkers. Unless you’re asking senseless, or stupid ones, of course. Then it becomes annoying and nobody wants to be friends with such people.

3. Don’t Just Lend Your Ear, Lend Your Shoulder Too

That means, it isn’t enough to just listen to what your colleagues have to say but to also be involved in their narrative. Don’t fret, we are not going to ask you to sit through endless sob stories. All you have to do is ensure that the other person ‘sees’ and knows that you are invested in whatever they have to say.

4. Say ‘Hey, Will You Do Me A Favour?’ Often

As much as it’s true that helping others makes them like you, it equally holds that seeking help or favours can do the same. The fact that they agreed to help you out gives you the perfect opening to get the ball rolling.

Asking for help or favours indicates that you seek shared closeness.

5. Sorry’ Is The Way To Go

Sorry’ happens to be one of the golden words for a reason, you see. Not only can you use it when you are genuinely at fault, but you can also use it to show regret over things outside of your control, like the sudden rain or traffic jams.

Try saying sorry next time a colleague gets late due to the rain or traffic jams, and see what happens. Not only does it show your empathetic side but it also indicates that you care about them, and wish for the best.



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