summer hacks

Summer Clothing Hacks For Men and Women

summer clothing hacks

Uggh, it’s summer again! And that again brings those crazy brainstorming of stylizing yourself with newer looks. Of course, who doesn’t like to be a trendsetter, after all, right?

If you too are looking for some extraordinary summer DIYs for men and women, then this article is surely for you. With the temps rising up, these summer hack tips are bound to make you look stunning and most importantly perfectly cool.

For Women

1. Oversized T-Shirt into a dress

Oversized T-Shirt into a dress

Almost every one of you has that one oversized T-shirt that we just can’t put on, no matter how much weight we add on. It’s time to make the best use of that T-shirt this summer. All you need to do is wrap it around and tuck it in the two sleeves. Voila! You just got yourself a pretty dress.

2. Turn your flipflops from boring to awesome

Turn your flipflops from boring to awesome

Flipflops have always been your feet’ best friends during summers. If you are looking for some fun stylish pair of them, don’t bother to rush to your nearest footwear store. All you need to have is a ribbon, a few beads, and bells. Simply wrap the ribbon first in the straps of your flips, while joining them both. Then stick the beads and bells on them with strong glue. Hurrah, you just became the newest fashion diva!

3. Upgrade your dress or shirt

Upgrade your dress or shirt

Almost every of you has a typical old shirt or dress which is stained and too old when it comes to style but too comfortable to be thrown away. But now, it’s easy to stylize it. Simply, grab an empty spray bottle, add some bleach to it and spray paint. Upgrade that stained dress by creating awesome patterns or designs on it.

4. Adorn your simple headband with flowers

Adorn your simple headband with flowers

If you have a simple headband, it’s time to stylize it with your personal creativity. Cut some flowers from your old colorful T-shirt or shirt, in the form of flowers. Now attach them with strong glue to your headband. Yay! Get ready to rock the beach with your personal creativity.

5. Add some braided bracelets to the look

Add some braided bracelets to the look

Using the same cloth pieces to create some fresh-looking fabric bracelets. All you have to do is to braid some of the thin cloth strips like you do it on your hair and tie both ends by adding elastics. See, you never knew making bracelets was that easy.

6. Create a trendy crop top from an old T-shirt

Create a trendy crop top from an old T-shirt

Grab that old t-shirt which your wardrobe has been living with. Cut a moderate amount of cloth underneath. Ta-dah! You just got your new crop top. Want to add some more style to it? Simply add some fancy fringes to it just like this one.

For Men

1. Rock a Hat & Cooling Bandanas

Rock a Hat & Cooling Bandanas

There are two schools of thought on whether or not hats will keep you cool in the summer. Detractors of this notion contend that the hat will trap heat and your head may swelter.

Those who support this theory point out that the brim or bill of a hat provides shade to the head and face. It’s important to note that rays from the sun transmit additional heat. It’s no secret that being in the shade is cooler than being exposed to the sun.

2. Performance Fabrics Rule

Performance Fabrics Rule

It’s important that your garments are made from fabrics that are specifically designed to combat the heat. These kinds of fabrics are should be

  • Lightweight – the fabric should not be very thick and hard to move in
  • Breathable – these types of textiles allow air to pass through them for ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking – synthetic fabric that’s designed to pull moisture away from the skin

3. Wear the Right Shorts

Wear the Right Shorts

Shorts are a no-brainer during the hottest times of the year. They allow for ventilation because of the exposed leg. However, there are some considerations when it comes to looking great.

Avoid bulky shorts – shorts with this aesthetic are usually made with heavier fabric as they are for environments that require the clothes to be sturdy. Heavier fabrics equal more heat.

No cargo shorts – they may have great use because of the storage capabilities but if you don’t need them don’t wear them. Cargo shorts can have as many as 8 pockets. When you have that many pockets you tend to put stuff in them. The more things you carry, the hotter you will be.

4. Trousers vs Jeans

summer 2

Denim is rugged/durable and thick. All of these are ready-made recipes for trapping heat around your legs. Jeans are perfect for developing a swamp crotch (the sweating and resulting odor from the heat that’s locked in near your boys).

To alleviate this, insert lightweight trousers instead. They are more breathable and comfortable. The fine fabric allows for more movement.

5. Warm Weather Button Downs


Ideally, you would wear short sleeve shirts the whole hot season but that’s probably not practical. You may have a job where short sleeves may be out of uniform or you may have an event where they would be inappropriate.

When these types of occasions come up, you want to have a shirt that performs and is stylish. The best option is to wear a lightweight breathable dress shirt that is made for warm weather.

6. No Show Socks

summer socks

When wearing your summer chinos or denim, it’s common for gents to roll up the legs of their pants and show a little ankle.

Now, this isn’t done with suits or other business/formal looks. It’s for casual only.

This is where the no-show socks come in. It would be weird to have your socks on and your pants rolled up to the ankle. Doing this would make you look like you’re trying too hard.


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