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Woman Entrepreneur: Prajakta Mahale’s Interview

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There are lots of Woman Entrepreneur around us. The 8th of March is celebrated as Women’s day where we honor all the women around us, no matter in which profession she is respect is the same for all.

Today Men and Women are on the same page. There is nothing a woman can achieve in this world but the big question which always comes up in minds of women is how to start? Where to start? So to answer your questions, I took an interview with a woman entrepreneur who is not only managing her food chain but family as well.

Prajakta Mahale is an example of woman entrepreneurship. She is running her food chain in Bangalore i.e Pizzology where people can enjoy different varieties of pizzas but how she did it? How this idea come up in her mind? Lets me know from her.

1) Could you please tell me something about yourself?

Prajakta Mahale

Prajakta: I am prajakta born in Bangalore and bought up in Mumbai. I have been working as an air hostess for 8 years. Got married in 2014 and I am 28yrs young.

2) How is this idea of Pizzology come up in your mind?

Prajakta: Some 4 years back around 2017 I and my husband had been to Italy, we saw this hole in the wall concept and thought we want this in India. That’s how we started pizzology here.

3) What is so special about Pizzology?

Prajakta: Special abt pizzology hmm the wood-fired thin-crust pizzas, the exotic varieties of fresh toppings, freshly handmade pizza base. Many more on the list but for now that’s more.

4) What are the challenges which you faced during the initial days of your journey?

Prajakta: The main challenge that I think I faced was the product. It was a big thing to make a place in people’s list of food items.

5) How you overcome those challenges?

Prajakta: It was not a big problem as I put myself into making the product a hit. And make sure that I don’t stop making the product perfect till the people like it.

6) How it feels like a Woman Entrepreneur and who supported you a lot in your journey?

Prajakta:  It doesn’t feel different to be a woman entrepreneur Because in today’s generation it’s all equal. Everybody around me has always supported me but with this, my husband and my mom supported me a lot.

7) How has been an entrepreneur affected your personal life?

Prajakta: Oh! wrong concept people have that women who are entrepreneurs have a difficult family life. Nothing at all it’s the same as every woman.

8) What motivates you to dedicate your time to Pizzology?

Prajakta: Money hahaha! just kidding. It’s just that seeing people around happy makes me motivated. (As it’s said EK insan ki khushi uske peit se gujarti hai).

9) What piece of advice you want to give to women who want to be an entrepreneur?

Prajakta: Do what makes you happy and not people around you. Always listen to your heart and you will always be happy. Just focus on your goals.

10) Any future plans related to Pizzology?

Prajakta: Future plans are many but few of them are – planning to open at least 7 new outlets by this year-ended and going for big funding for 50 stores for next year.

Author’s Corner

I am grateful to Prajakta for taking the time and interacting with us. It was pleasing to know from you about your journey. I wish that you will achieve your goals soon.

I hope this blog will help in motivating all the women out there who want to be Women Entrepreneur. Happy Women’s Day!






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